Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Agency

Everywhere you turn, there are agencies claiming to be “experts” or “gurus”. They say they are the best at what they do and list all the reasons. But are they the best for? We’ve broken down the elements and chose 4 aspects to look for when choosing the right digital advertising agency for you.


Just like in real estate, location can matter. Depending on your particular needs, this might be an important consideration for you. For instance, one job of a digital advertising agency is to build websites. If you’re building a website, a lot of communication needs to happen for it to turn out the way you want it to. Being located in the same vicinity, and being able to meet face-to-face can help ease any anxiety you might feel when your website is under construction. If you choose an agency outside of your area, make sure that they have a good process to help you work through the discovery and content process.


Most digital agencies have a website, and if they pride themselves on building websites, theirs should be top quality and up-to-date. A website is also a way to feature your work to others, even to possible new clients, making your researching process shorter. For example, take a look at UZU’s website. There is a specific menu item to find our past work easily. Check out the agency’s portfolio, and if you like their style, check that box off the list.


We know awards don’t mean everything but they can mean something. Agencies that take pride in their work and are established, might be earning recognition in their field. Ask if there are any accomplishments that the company has be recognized for, or ways that they have distinguished themselves in their community. If it’s a legitimate award (and there are lots out there that aren’t), it could speak volumes about them.


Another way to check out the agency that you’re considering working with, is to see if they’re established in their social media platforms, and what people are saying about them. Do they have reviews? Are there many followers? If not, they might be too new to work with. Or, worse yet, are they getting bad reviews.

In order to show off the feedback an agency receives, they might create a section on their website. This highlights you how well they’re doing and the clients that love them. This also gives their business more credibility, especially when there is a wide array of clients. They may already be familiar with your industry.

Choosing the right digital advertising agency can be daunting. We suggest getting a few different bids whenever you’re doing work with an agency. Even with all the different factors possibly lining up, sometimes it’s just not a great fit. With the right amount of research on the companies you’re considering, educating yourself about what to look for, and asking the right questions, you’re more likely to find a great fit. Our team of web developers and digital marketers at UZU might be the best fit for you. Whether you’re here in Colorado Springs, or even a bit further away, we’d love to have the opportunity to show you what we can do.