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Let everyone know about your business.

Marketing, or active marketing, isn’t just everything we do as a marketing agency. It’s really just a piece of a much larger puzzle. That’s why UZU Media doesn’t only provide digital marketing services. Active marketing as opposed to passive marketing includes public relations, event management, merchandising and even reputation management. It’s marketing when you need someone actively working to promote something, someone, or some company and you either need it quick or you need it on-call. So why so many different types? We simply believe in providing Colorado Springs marketing that does more. That’s why UZU Media is different. We take care of everything.

When launching a business how do you get people aware of it? If you have a lousy reputation what’s the point of dumping all that money into marketing? The answer is it isn’t. Trying to do one thing without the other just results in a lot of wasted money on unnecessary Colorado Springs marketing. We don’t believe in treating our clients like that. As a marketing firm we believe in one simple motto: Don’t just market, market smart.

PR Services

One of the easiest ways to get people talking about your business is to show up in the news, press, or an industry publication. What better way to advertise than to be able to without even advertising? Every mention of your business in media is an opportunity for potential customers to find out about you and what you do. This can be achieved through the use of PR and the right marketing with the right connections. That’s also where we step in. We’ve cultivated extensive connections throughout the Colorado Springs community including UZU staff formerly employed by major publications in the Colorado Springs area. We take care of everything, we prepare press releases, we create magazine articles for your business, we get your name where it matters, and you reap the benefits. Colorado Springs marketing that actually markets to Colorado Springs.

Why Colorado Springs Marketing?

Easy! As the city grows more and more with each year it becomes more and more difficult to market effectively. It means having to reach more people and beat out more competition in your industry. But in order to take full advantage of all the money you could be making if people were aware of your business you have to spend more on marketing or you will lose to other companies. If you don’t hold events or pay attention to your PR goals you’ll get drowned out in the noise. Basically, Colorado Springs marketing will help you get more Colorado Springs customers.

This method creates all sorts of possibilities. For example, by splitting your web traffic through different gateways and tying each to specific ads you’re currently running you can pull web related data for each of your advertisements. You can even start to tailor website content to specifically target different audiences.

The true benefit of doing this, however, is really in what it can begin to tell you about how useful each of your marketing efforts are. If you can know what works or what clearly doesn’t then you can stop spending money on useless services and you can then reapply your money to what does. You can become twice as effective in reaching customers.

Applications of this strategy include:

  • Tracking radio and television advertisement reach
  • Determining Social Media impact of your current marketing campaign
  • Generating analytics for store price promotion interest
  • Building data profiles on digital consumer behavior
  • Compiling large scale email statistics