Google’s 2019 Updates

So what exactly is an algorithm? And why were Google’s 2019 updates so important? Good questions!

To answer this, we’ll cover a bit about the Google’s 2019 updates and what that means to you. First, Google creates algorithms so that it learns how to rank sites better in the search engine results pages ( SERPS).

Early on, Google only made a few updates to its algorithms. Maybe just a couple of times a year. Now Google makes thousands of changes each year based upon its artificial intelligence AI.

In June and September of this year, there were major changes to the core algorithm. Quite a large percentage of sites saw fairly big drops in rankings in traffic Dash across the board. Google’s Danny Sullivan announced the September update in a tweet saying that it would be released in a few hours and take some days to complete the rollout.

However, the June 2, 2019 update was more far reaching. Google said there was nothing specific to fix, primarily because the core update encompassed such a broad range of factors. However,  it definitely has some things that it seemed to focuse on, and we’ll discuss some of those.

If you’d like to learn even more about this update, and types of sites affected, click over to this website.

Why Are these updates important?

Each time then Google makes updates such as this, the effects can be devastating to certain businesses. Especially if their traffic is built upon shaky factors, both on site and offsite, 50 to 75% of their leads can dry up overnight.

Important SEO Factors – Relevance and Quality

Googles main purpose is to make sure that it provides the best way it’s possible when people search for things. The first question would be… Is your website portraying what it should be? And then, is your site the best results for that search query. 

Some of the factors to look for:

  1. Is your website suffering from “thin content”?
  2. Is your content relevant, and even better, the most relevant for the search that’s been made?
  3. Does your website provide the best quality for the query at hand?

However, sometimes it’s not that simple. Like a health diagnosis for “I’m just tired all the time” or “I’m in pain”, it could be any number of a dozen issues. Web health and rankings can be fairly similar, which is why UZU does what it does. Regular work on your SEO is important, and frequently not just a matter of… “hey, my traffic dropped, what can you do?”

When interviewed on the subject this year, Google’s John Mueller related that there aren’t specific things to fix. But he suggested that it may be useful to understand how users see your site, how useful your site is to users.

In Conclusion – Google’s 2019 updates

One of the best things to do when there are large traffic changes, is to go through a site audit. Google’s 2019 updates will continute through the end of the year, and will start again in 2020. Many of the software‘s that are out there are technical, but not intuitive, so they have limits on what they can analyze.  If you’d like us to look at your current website layout, and see what might be going on with your rankings and  traffic, we’d be happy to do that. Get in touch with us for your website audit –  We’d love to help get you back on track!