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Do you need help with your website? Is it time for a refresh? Or did the last company promise the world and leave you with a site you can’t update without spending a fortune? We produce some of the best websites that can be found online and our Colorado Springs web designers can do the same for you. We’re UZU Media, our contemporary design concepts are always kept up to date with the latest in web design. We strive to always leave your visiting customers with a great impression and drive sales. The performance of our sites is among the best in the industry. All of our work is fast-loading, clean, modern, and built to function as your 24/7 marketing monster. Yeah that was corny.

Using Colorado Springs Web Designers To Market Effectively

Your website can serve many different purposes. A conduit to connect with clients, a full-page brochure, a menu to list your services, and even as a nexus for any company news. What you do or wish to do with your website is directly influenced by the purpose of your marketing. All other forms of your marketing campaigns (social media, pay-per-click, etc.) will point back to your website which means your page needs to be beautiful and functional. That’s where UZU Media, your Colorado Springs web designers come in handy.

Recent research shows that you have less than 3 seconds to catch the attention of web visitors. As such, your site needs to be setup in the best way possible for people to find the services or information that they’re looking for. We will work closely with you to create the best site for your business – one that will help you capture the attention and trust of your consumer. That’s what Colorado Springs web designers do best. In our modern age, it’s a well known fact that the more we integrate with technology the shorter our attention span for online content tends to last. Which means if you aren’t grabbing the interest of your visitors within that crucial first ten second window, then you aren’t grabbing them at all. Does your Colorado Springs website do all that?

Colorado Springs Web Design Packages

UZU Media offers several different web design service packages to fit your individual needs. Included with each package is a complimentary collection of features to help improve your website security, social media visibility, and train you on the usage of your website. We also offer web services in other locations such as: Denver Web Design and Pueblo Web Design.


Template based, with lite customization, website and CMS software. Our basic website package is for business owners or individuals looking for a refresh or just need something simple. Affordable and fast.


Premium template based, more customization, website with multiple web components to select from. Intermediate web packages are ideal for business owners looking for that “next step up” in the quality of their site’s design and function. Still quite affordable and packed with value.


Comes with dedicated design services and strategically built to boost your marketing efforts. Exists in two tiers, depending on client needs for advanced customization, and capable of meeting the needs of most non-enterprise scale businesses. Packages come with advanced feature sets such as eCommerce platforms.


Fully customized, completely unique, ultra high quality websites. Our custom tier of services is our most comprehensive and expansive package available. Features are defined by client request or identified needs during the discovery process. Custom level packages come with little restriction and price varies from client to client. Highest levels of design customization.

UZU Is An award Winning Colorado Springs Web Design Team

Ready to start planning your new website? It’s easy! The UZU team will walk you through the entire process and takes the strain off you. We can’t read minds (yet) but we’re there to help make the process painless. No matter what your Colorado Springs website needs are we can help you completely achieve your vision. See our About Us page to learn more about UZU’s awards since 2012.

Responsive & Mobile Colorado Springs Websites wrote a great article on Why 2013 is the Year of Responsive Web Design. 5+ years ago, and yet there are still sites that look BAD on a phone. 

At UZU, we recognize that responsive web design, or RWD, is more than just a trend. It’s an essential design strategy that supports the direction that online searches are moving, which is towards mobile search. In fact, almost 70% of searches start on a phone.

From desktop to laptop to tablet to phone, a responsive website adjusts (responds) to the size of the display that it’s being viewed on. This not only makes having a separate mobile site obsolete, but it integrates for better SEO results since you’re not splitting your web traffic between your main site and your mobile site.

Company after company are switching their websites over to responsive ones and we’re really impressed by the creativity. The time and effort that goes into creating quality sites with great UI (user interface) can be staggering. Not only does the site need to be beautiful but you have to be able to view it irrespective of the device it’s being viewed on.

Luckily our Colorado Springs Web Designers can do this for you!

For more great info on Responsive Web Design, see our blog What is Responsive Web Design? And Why Should I Care? When you have a chance, get in touch with us to start the process of figuring out the best website options for your business.

Colorado Springs Web Designers Build For The Future

Each of our sites is built on a Content Management System (CMS) and it’s usually WordPress. This category of web software makes it easy for business owners and employees to make updates or even changes to your Colorado Springs website even after UZU Media has completed work on it. Most content management systems also come with an entire ecosystem of extensions, plugins, themes, and more. At UZU Media we use WordPress and Drupal platforms to build our sites because of the great product they allow us to create for our clients. Each platform offers powerful, yet flexible, web solutions with the difference between them being what they are primarily designed to do best. With the help of the best Colorado Springs web designers we can put together the perfect website for you.


WordPress has become THE most popular CMS globally, and with good reason. It’s web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. offers a “free” website builder, which is fairly limited. However, WordPress is also a content management system (CMS) and powers millions of websites. It’s the easiest to learn for any business owner that is still wanting to have the ability to add content and make changes themselves. WordPress is easily configured and deployed on most standard web hosts. Of the three major CMS platforms, WordPress offers the best mix of both form and function. For these reasons and more, WordPress tends to be the best solution for most business owners.

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The Joomla sites that we create are easy to use, but powerful enough to handle all of your content and the special features you want incorporated into your site. Companies like Ikea, Sony Pictures, Ebay, Barnes and Noble, Nikon, and GE have chosen Joomla as their CMS. While Joomla still provides a great value for your company, and we’re still able to handle Joomla requests, because of their waning strength of their developer community in the last year or so, we feel that either using WordPress should meet most small business needs, and Drupal is our CMS of choice when WordPress isn’t able to meet a company’s website needs.

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Our Drupal sites are completely customizable and will provide you with a flexible and highly responsive website. Drupal is one of the most powerful Content Management Systems available and we are proud to offer this high end product to our clients. Multiple government agencies have built their sites in Drupal as well as NASA, 20th Century Fox Searchlight, and Warner Bros. Recordings, which shows the advanced applications that this CMS can handle. Our own site for Colorado Springs based UZU Media was built on the Drupal CMS.

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Other Colorado Springs Website Services

If you’re interested in some of our other website services, like Site Maintenance, Backups, and Content Updates or Hosting and Domain Services, please go to our Wesite Hosting and Maintenace page.

Thanks for stopping by to learn about how we craft our website choices! Whether you googled… Web Design Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs Website Designers, or something like WordPress Colorado Springs—we’re so glad you found us! Let’s get started on your exciting new web development project!