How can you easily and quickly improve your website today? It’s simple! There are plenty of simple, easy, methods you can do today with minimal training. While these aren’t in-depth SEO strategies they are proven to work and if you need even the smallest SEO improvement these tips will help you push your website up in the rankings.
1. Sign Up For Social Media
Create social media accounts for your business/organization on all the major platforms, the more the better. Add a couple of social media posts and be sure to link your new social media presence on your website. This helps search engines understand that your company is an established brand that engages with people on these platforms. If you have the spare time, be sure to add followers.

2. Sign up for Google My Business
Create a listing for the business on Google. This can be done by searching for “Google My Business” and then signing up for an account. After you’re signed up, create the entry for your business and be sure to add in all the necessary information (the more the better). This gives Google and other search engines an exact idea as to where your store is located and being able to list your website in this section will create SEO value for you.

3. Write Content
Go through all the major pages on your website and find out if each page is at least 500 words or longer. This is the minimal threshold for the page to be considered relevant to most search engines. Pages under this word count limit will be considered to sparse to be labelled as important. By adding content you’ll be increase your sites domain authority as well
4. Sign up for Google Webmaster
Google webmaster is a website management service provided for free by Google, using this platform you can see exactly what errors your site has or suggestions from Google on how to improve it. In many ways this service will allow you to make many changes that will help your rankings using advice from the search engines themselves.