Everyone has a blog now. Your neighbor has a blog. Your aunt has a blog. Even your grandma probably has a blog for her cat. But what about your business? Should it have a blog? The answer is probably yes, but a blog for your business is going to be a bit different than your grandmother’s blog for her cat. Here’s where some of those differences lie, and why they matter.

Business Blogging – Promote Your Business

Firstly, a blog is a way of sharing short bits of content. The posts vary rather widely in length but can be anywhere from a few hundred words to a few thousand, though shorter is generally better. If your blog post is too long or too wordy, people will not read it and thus it won’t serve its purpose of gathering online visibility for your business.

When it comes to blogging, there are two types of blogs: personal and business. A personal blog is just that: personal. You may get a little money from ad revenue from it (if you set it up that way), and garner a bit of a following, but at the end of the day it is personal and it is focused on you. A business blog, on the other hand, is one facet of a larger marketing strategy to help your business gain more online visibility. It is a way to garner attention for your business and promote discussion around it.

Content Marketing

The content of a business blog revolves entirely around your business and what you are doing within that business. That could mean writing blogs with construction tips and tricks if you run a construction based business, or cleaning tips if you run a cleaning business or a discussion of materials for a crafting business. Write what you think will be helpful to your customers. If you write what you think your customers will look for you, will pull them onto your blog by providing that content. This will then, if done well, translate into increased business for you.

While a website is an incredibly important part of doing business in the current climate, that website is practically useless if people don’t see it. To get people to see it you need to give them a reason to look for it and make sure it is there for them to find when they do look. There are a lot of marketing tactics that can do this, but one of the best ways is to make sure your website and all its pages are properly optimized for search engines. The more pages your website has the more chances search engines, and your customers, have to see it—but you also don’t want your website cluttered up with hundreds of pages. Blogging helps eliminate this issue because each post is considered its own page, however they are all housed under the blog as a whole, eliminating clutter from your website.

Business blogging for Colorado Springs Businesses

Blogging is one facet of the marketing strategy we use here at UZU to help your business flourish, so give us a call to see what blogging can do for you!