These days, no one is on the street yelling, “Extra, extra! Read all about it!” We have gadgets and gizmos that give us the news that we need in an instant. The advancement of technology has changed the way we communicate with one another and especially how businesses communicate with their customers, but not everyone has caught on.

Since the birth of business, people have been trying to get ahead of their competition with intensive marketing processes. However, with the internet being just over 20 years old, there is a completely different platform for advertising and traditional marketing strategies have become taboo.

In a world that seems to be overrun with technology, Digital Marketing appears to be the only way to get your business and your brand noticed by potential customers. Utilizing digital technologies, this form of marketing is focused on portraying the best of your products and services online, on mobile devices or through various display advertising.

The Good

The best part about most digital marketing? It’s free! Well, sort of. Ok, not really. But broadcasting your business now can be much cheaper than earlier alternatives. You don’t have to shell out a couple hundred bucks for a local radio spot or newspaper ad in order to get your word out. Utilizing a handful of (free) social platforms and a few other tools can really bring new life to your online presence.

Digital marketing also takes away the shackles of location-based promotion. Nowadays, your message can virtually reach anybody in the world that has a computer as long as you’re using the right tactics. Since the number of mobile users surpassed desktop users in 2014, it’s even more pertinent to develop a digital marketing strategy for your business. Whether it’s making sure that your website is mobile responsive or launching a new app altogether, it’s important to understand how people are trying to find you and what medium you should use to tell your story.

The Bad

When you’re telling your story, things can get lost in translation through digital media. It’s not always easy to see the personality of a brand especially if your social posts are riddled with dry text or redundant memes. Without a friendly face or having an extremely popular product, it will be difficult to grow an engaging audience and some may lose faith or in your company’s ability to connect with them as a consumer. Test different types of ads or campaigns to track who seems to engage with what and continue to diversify your methods so you’re never stagnant.

The Ugly

Digital Marketing is unpredictable. Period. Even when your strategies include targeted Ad Campaigns on Social Media or Pay-Per-Click with your SEO, internet marketing does not have an exact ROI, making most business owners wary of its importance. Obviously, having a larger budget can increase your odds of gaining traction with your online marketing, but even then, don’t settle for what everybody is doing. Research new applications and business tools to give your digital presence more depth and variety.

We’ll be the first to admit that not all businesses need extensive digital advertising. We’ve seen some businesses flourish without a single update to their website in over 10 years, and others (somehow) do just fine without even having a website to begin with. That being said, you or your company should really consider the benefits of online marketing. No matter what your business is, you can always grow and attract new customers. Let us know if you’re ready to take your engagement to the next level!