What Is Social Media?

More and more people are understanding that social media can no longer be called a fad or trend. The way we communicate has evolved and we are truly beginning to witness a paradigm shift in our everyday way of life. We know some were hesitant to use the internet when it was first launched, but now it’s almost impossible to move forward with your professional life without engaging on some platform of Social Media. The way we look for businesses, ideas, and even information has not changed that much over the years, though the process has just gotten faster. We no longer have to depend on newspapers, yellow pages, or even libraries to grow our network or educate ourselves.

The most intriguing, and yet the most unrealized, attribute of Social Media is that it’s actually a form of art. That’s right, art. It’s yet another medium that portrays aspects of our thoughts, emotions and even our beliefs. Those who flourish in their social experience have realized that these platforms are nothing more than canvases in which one can paint their story. But like all media, this social medium is a neutral form. What’s good or bad media depends solely on the user.


Don’t Feel Sorry for Your Social Media

It’s amazing how many people talk to us about Social Media (almost apologetically), as if they feel bad for having poorly managed social profiles. DON’T FEEL BAD! We know how hard it is to create an engaging Social Media presence and the time it takes to a manage it. That’s why in this article, we’re including a nifty social media calendar template so you can have the tools to maintain your own campaign. Below is a partial screenshot with a download of the social media posting calendar below that:

Download Here!

Social Posting Guidelines

Feel free to download the calendar as a helpful tool for your social media posting. Before you get all post-happy, however, you should consider these essential ideas about managing your social media statuses:

It’s social, so keep it fun! People don’t go on social media to be pitched to all the time. If it’s always business forward, then people will ditch you.

It’s the new Word of Mouth.  Social Media has a way of multiplying points of interaction for most small businesses. If you have existing networks, it can extend your reach. If you’re awesome, it lets everyone know that. If you’re a jerk… well, same thing. So make sure your clients have good things to say about you.

Educate your audience.  You’re the expert, so be nice and give some stuff away so that people can see you showcase your talent.

People tend to trust social more. Having a social profile results in better communications, an improved brand image, increased transparency, greater employee morale, and overall, trust

And last Be Consistent. If you want people to come back and see your posts, it has to be regular and valuable to them.


Social Media Content Calendars Really Work

We used this social media calendar with our business before making the necessary upgrade to other social media management software. It has proven to be helpful in giving a broad overview of what and when we are posting. We also hand this out when we host our Social Media 101 classes.

The spreadsheet gives you the ability to visually track when and how many times you want to post for each day of the month, as well as helps you plan out what blog topics to write about for the month. The spreadsheet includes tracking sections for your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Personally, having a calendar has increased my social media interaction especially on Instagram and Facebook. When I wasn’t posting on a regular basis, I found even my brand ambassadors weren’t engaging with me or my brand. Having a stagnant feed makes people lose interest and even trust in your services and your strategies.

Remember that it’s important to post regularly and that those who fail to plan, plan to fail. So spend 10-20 minutes planning out your week. Let us know below how the form is working for you. We’d love to get feedback on any suggestions you’d like to see. Feel free to contact us if you would like to add personal branding to the form.