Social Media and the Millennial Generation

Social Media and The Millennial

A couple of weeks ago, the UZU team had the opportunity to talk about the pros and cons of social media at the Tim Gill center in Colorado Springs on KCMJ Radio. We discussed how social media is used to market businesses as well as individuals across various age groups, especially the Millennial Generation. A recent report on Statista shows 78% of the US population has some kind of social profile as opposed to the 52% from just five years ago. This indicates that social media is quickly becoming a standard platform for communication, advertising and marketing.

78% of the US population has some kind of social profile

A New Medium

How people are using social media varies from person to person. There are those that use social platforms to vent negative opinions or creeds whereas others use social media as a creative tool to promote their business or craft. Imagine the internet as one big canvas and every social platform is a different medium in which we can express ourselves with. Social media takes away the immediate fear of confrontation and discrimination. This “veil of viral communication” gives us the confidence to overcome political and socioeconomic barriers that may have hindered the dissemination of ideas in previous decades.

Did you know that 90 percent of what we read, watch and listen to are controlled by only 6 major media companies? (Down from about 50 in the early 80s). This leaves very little chance to infiltrate the stream of information. But does that even matter as much anymore? People are no longer dependent on one mode of media to gather said information. We don’t rush to grab a newspaper for world updates and we don’t turn on the radio to hear the hottest song. We can go all of these things and more by simply logging into an application.

Social media has given those without a voice a chance to be heard, inspiring millennials with a sense of empowerment to not just react to media but to create it. It appears that there are more entrepreneurs and independent artists these days, but really the tools available to share one’s thoughts and talents are right at our fingertips. There is no reason you should miss out on the marketing powers of social media if you are vigorously trying to expand your brand.


Online Marketing

With over 1.2 billion Facebook users, there’s no secret to what platform most companies’ advertising campaigns tend to focus. However, with 300 million users on Twitter and over 400 million logged into Instagram, anyone wanting to grow their business must broaden their scope when thinking about viral marketing. Social platforms have expanded advertising initiatives so much that businesses with a huge marketing budget aren’t the only ones doing profitable promotion. Anybody who wants to sell their product or service can launch an intuitive marketing campaign from the comforts of their own home. There is almost an infinite amount of social media engines driving communication and online marketing around the world so feel free to explore various platforms to find what fits your business the best.

Contrary to some people, social media is not the devil, and it’s here to stay. For those who are hesitant to utilize social media as a tool and continue to treat it as a trend will quickly fall by the wayside. Managing a competent campaign across multiple applications can feel overwhelming, but with the right focus you can see major growth in your business building strategies or even personal promotion. 

We have access to millions of websites and content is constantly being thrown at us through social media. It’s not only nice, but essential, to get the information we want quickly. There is no faster way to lose a customer than to not provide the information you promised.

So… Write great content. Attach the appropriate links. Build site rankings. The process is simple if done right. If you need help being found online with the right content on your website, our developers at UZU Media can help. Contact us to talk about your options.