This past Wednesday, September 24th, was a big day in the world of social media. Instagram announced they have reached 400 million monthly active users according to CNBC. That is a lot! But why should you care? For all of you fellow social media marketers, you should care. This social media is the new platform for businesses to be on. With Instagram now rolling out ads for all businesses, now many small businesses can jump in on the advertising on Instagram.

Monthly Active Users

400 million is a lot, but how does that compare to other social networks? Here’s the stats:

1.       Facebook: 1.5 billion

2.       Instagram: 400 million

3.       Twitter: 300 million

Less than a year ago, Instagram was at the same level as Twitter with 300 million active users. Only 10 months later, Instagram now surpasses that number. So should you give up your Twitter presence and focus more on an Instagram? I wouldn’t. Twitter is still a reputable source for your business to be on. Instagram requires more effort but the essence of your brand is captured more. If you already know your audience likes the images you are create, Instagram may be a better social media platform for you to be on.

Advertising for all businesses

Anyone with a background in social media marketing knows that a strong visual with a call to action brings more leads back to your website. Instagram already requires you have to strong images to grow your following. Advertising was limited to only the big dogs in business with their pricing but now many small businesses can have a say too. If you don’t already see ads for your Instagram account, don’t worry. There’s a slow rollout of these ads for business through October 2015. After UZU has access, we’ll write a new blog about how to use Instagram for marketing.

One of the great things about Instagram is how the platform is all about images. Since we all know that a picture says more than text, you can speak volumes about your business. We would recommend you post pictures of your portfolio or the behind-the-scenes aspects of your business. If you are not ready to create your own profile, sit back and watch how others are doing it. Leave us a comment if you’d even like a blog post about how to create an Instagram profile and we’ll write one. Until then, you can learn how businesses are using Instagram by following their account. While you’re at it, you can follow us too and see how we’re doing it. Regardless of your decision, the growth of Instagram to 400 million active users is quite a milestone. More brands should start taking advantage of this platform. With its recent growth, and also its ties to Facebook, look for more businesses to be on there. Jump on now, if you haven’t yet—be ahead of the curve! You don’t want to be late to the party.