You Can Now Subscribe –

In the recent update from Instagram, you can now subscribe to your favorite users when they post to Instagram.

Now, we’ve seen this before – right before Facebook started using algorithms to track your behavior of likes, interactions, and basically everything else about your life; allowing them to curate your feed.

Notice Your Content –

Obviously by now, you can tell that your content has been filtered by Facebook, and you have to subscribe to most things that won’t typically show up in your feed even if they live near you in Colorado Springs or are your best friends.

With Instagram being owned by Facebook, could we expect to see the same thing? 

Push notifications have been available for a while now, to where it would alert you when people you follow mutually, post to Instagram.

Instagram Update –

According to an article released by Mashable:

Finally, Tuesday’s update also adds the ability to subscribe to posts from users you follow. When viewing a friend’s profile, the “…” menu in the top right corner now has the option to “Turn on Post Notifications.” When enabled, Instagram will send push notifications each time the users you follow share a new post.

I went a head and made a layout of the process using my own account –

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Speculation –

I’m not one for speculation, but with the way things happened with subscribing on Facebook leading to curated feeds, we could see this happen with Instagram in the future. 

On the bright side, this could be a great opportunity for brands to get ahead of the curation period. A slow incorporation of the idea to subscribe to post notifications of a company without bombarding their audience all at once will prove more effective in the long run.

As company who does Social Media Management in Colorado Springs, we want to emphasize the importance of updates that take place like this. Earlier, we mentioned that by now you should have noticed that your Colorado Springs Facebook page may have obtained less reach, traction, and interaction without paying for the audience you’ve already established. 

At UZU, we offer consultative reports for Social Media Management for Colorado Springs companies, both large and small – want want to make sure that you are utilizing your right to the audience you’ve developed on your own, or one that you hope to develop in the future.

Facebook used to be free advertising, and with the free advertising that has been taking place on Instagram for the last few years, especially within 2014, it’s no doubt that the Facebook owned company, Instagram, will start to see a decrease of interaction between brand and following without sponsored updates.

The days of free advertising are slowly closing in.