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It’s No Longer Keeping Up, It’s Standing Out –

Many Colorado Springs business owners have come to believe that they can spend the bare minimum to get just the right amount of traffic, likes, followers, a decent amount of SEO, and even possibly a website design from 6 years ago.

Don’t buy into this mentality.

What You Need To Succeed –

Do you make your decisions based on your immediate budget, or are you thinking in terms of investing in the future of your company?

  • Spend your money where it counts – often companies overthink what web presence looks like and go straight for the Colorado Springs social media profiles. 

    Have you ever considered using a good chunk of your marketing budget and putting towards organically growing your Colorado Springs SEO? Yes, this is a long term strategy, but when those Pay-Per-Click campaigns end, your ranking disappears, and so does your domain authority.

  • Building an up-to-date website – yes, price matters here; but what’s important, is what you get for the price. Is the company that you are choosing to work with only going to give you a template, and not let you have any input in what it looks like? After all, it is your brand.

    I suggest doing your research before going straight to a company for a website facelift or new website build. 

    – What are other Colorado Springs web design companies within your market doing to help your competition stand out? 
    – How are they displaying relevant information throughout their site so you don’t lose people within the first few seconds of landing on your page which hurts your SEO?
    – What is the overall flow of the web design – is it releveant, for your product and service, or is it the same layout they use for all of their clients?

    You want to be able to stand out in an overcrowded online world. Your website should represent who you are as a company, in the most up-to-date and relevant style as possible.

  • Pick the right company – some companies only specialize in certain aspects of Web Development, SEO, Social Media, Branding, and other online avenues.

    What good would it be to pick 1 company for Colorado Springs SEO, another for your Web Development, and another for Colorado Springs Social Media Management? Remember the days of having a marketing department in-house? There needs to be teamwork – and we’ve run into this issue more than once. It’s difficult for the web developers to effectively track, maintain, and implement the words your company wants to be ranked for, when someone else is doing the SEO of a client and we are building the website. 

    Think about how much longer it takes to communicate between the web developer, client, and the separate company working on another aspect of the project. It’s rare to find a company that does everything all in house, especially in a crowded online world.

  • Everything can be done in one place – believe it or not, there are companies out there that can handle your Colorado Springs Social Media, SEO, Web Development, Branding, and Marketing efforts all in house for an affordable price.

    This allows for your voice to be heard all the way from the initial discovery session, to web launch, and campaign launch for both SEO and Social Media. It’s time to compartmentalize your online efforts, and find a company that can handle everything for you, instead of spreading your dollars and time to communicate to each and every company separately, and even try to schedule meetings with them all at the same time.

UZU Media –

UZU (oo-zoo) stands for swirl; and that’s exactly what we offer – everything in one place. We work with our clients in all aspects of their projects and make sure their voice and brand is represented consistently across all platforms.

You are taking the time to invest your money to stand out, and being found in a crowded online world; it’s time you get treated with the respect you deserve.

UZU Media

Recent Awards:
2015, Best of Web – Best Responsive Web Design Companies
2014, American Advertising Awards – Gold, UZU Media Website
2014, American Advertising Awards – Best of Interactive