American Advertising AwardsIts been one heck of a year.

UZU Media has been hard at work in development and implementation of strategy for both our clients and ourselves. We are starting to make our name known in the city, and we are thankful for that. We are incredibly honored to take home two awards from the American Advertising Awards ceremony this past weekend.

A special congratulations goes out to all of those who won and participated!

As we have started our journey into 2015, UZU has started to roll out new models that will continue to push us to the forefront as a Digital Advertising Website/Service on both local and statewide levels. None of this would be possible without our creative team that has now expanded, and our dedicated clients who believe in UZU. In our previous blog update about Google heavily pushing mobile-friendly websites that will impact SEO for lack of participation in the update, we mentioned that we are always pushing our designs to be the top of the line, and making sure they are in tune with what is happening in the web development market. Along with our Social Media and SEO services that we offer, we obtain the same mindset.

We are glowing –

As one of the most recent, but not so new additions to the Colorado Springs, Digital Advertising Website Services – we are thrilled to see the growth in this city for creative companies and agencies alike. Not many people knew much about our company, but when we won two awards this past Saturday, we feel that we now have the ability to network with the other creative agencies, while holding our own. It is an absolutely humbling experience to feel like we are now apart of something much larger than working behind the scenes to excell in client satisfaction, while pushing forward for the city of Colorado Springs.

Onward –

As a creative agency, we are proud to be part of the expanding growth of Colorado Springs, and we look forward to partnering with other creatives in the city to continue furthering the vision – as one that makes a creative and innovative experience for it’s residence and passersby. In the most recent update by the City of Colorado Springs, we are pleased to see all that has happened in 2014 – much of which you wouldn’t know about unless sought after. The expansion of creativity in the city, ranging from interactive art pieces in public, growth for agencies, and educational courses to further the push for creativity in Colorado Springs, is outstanding. We encourage you to take a look at all that has happened in 2014, and what will continue to be in 2015.

We are proud to be part of a city on the rise.