So what’s the next big thing?  Especially in the digital world, that always seems to be the question.  It is a never ending source of creating and inventing and I think it’s so much fun to be a part of something that is always changing! There is an ongoing plethora of new ideas, new ways of doing things, new businesses and new social networks. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, but I love the challenge it brings to always be on our toes and keep up with the latest changes!


So with that said let me ask a question. Have you heard of Pheed? Teens certainly have! Pheed is one of the newer social networks that was created last fall and currently has over a million users. Pheed brings together text, photo, video, audio, voice and broadcast. The purpose of Pheed is to give you options. To help you create and inspire others. They also make it easy to keep up with your personal networks as they give you the ability to post to your Twitter and Facebook profiles from the same page.

All content that you upload to Pheed is owned by you. They give you the ability to connect with other users, stay connected to your other social media sites, and you can even earn money using this new site! Pheed allows you to charge a pay-per-view price for a video or voice clip, or members can subscribe to a monthly fee that you charge to have full access to your content. Pheed keeps 50% of what you charge, but you select the pricing ($1.99-$34.99.) I like this idea a lot because of it’s potential to be sustainable by creating a new stream of income besides advertisements. There are so many social media sites right now, and I’m always wondering how they are making money and paying their staff. Pheed seems very direct about what they’re doing, and I love that! 

Though Pheed is currently popular among the younger crowd, I see this site having a lot of potential for bloggers and independent small businesses. It could be great for those that want to charge for online seminars or to sell e-books, yet still have that social connection without selling directly off an e-commerce website. 

Have you tried Pheed yet? Will users be willing to pay for content? Check it out and let us know what you think!