Twitter, What’s the Point?

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I started using Twitter just a few months ago. I’ve been on all the other main social media sites for quite some time, but hadn’t really gotten into Twitter. It just didn’t inspire me. I had no idea what the purpose of Twitter was, or how one was supposed to use it. Can anyone relate? Updating Twitter the same way you would update a Facebook status and linking the two together seemed completely pointless to me.

It was during the Waldo Canyon Fire that I first saw people using Twitter in a way that was helpful and left an impact. Twitter was the first to put out the newest updates of what was happening with the fire. Since I was evacuated and was following every detail, it sucked me in. I realized that this social media site could be saving people’s lives and educating people on important issues going on in the world. 

So the challenge was on. I wanted to figure out Twitter. Finally having some idea of what the purpose of Twitter is, I set out to connect with organizations I wanted to know more about and local businesses that keep me up-to-date with what is happening in my city. 

Twitter for Life Long Learning

Popular brand replied to my Tweet #win

Now a few months in, I realize that I actually enjoy Twitter. Surprise! This site is so handy. You can use it to ask questions or give comments to people or organizations that you would otherwise never connect with on a regular basis. To ask a question or make a comment you use the @username and they are notified that they were tagged in a “tweet.” They can then reply to your comment or question and you will be notified if they do. Some people respond in minutes, but most usually respond by the end of the day, or the following morning. 

When you follow people or organizations, their tweets show up on your wall and you can scroll or search through them getting news updates for the day. When others follow you then your tweets show up on their wall. I’ve recently been following what is happening in the world of #socialmedia. Hashtags are used to create groups of tweets around a similar topic. You can search the hashtag #socialmedia and see other tweets that have been talking about the same thing. This is great to use for building community and being a helper and facilitator to other users on the site. 

If you or your business has not tried out Twitter, check it out. I see something important actually happening here with the way people and organizations are connecting with each other. Twitter can also be an excellent way to provide customer service, share sales you are running, and to connect your business with the community in a more personal way. More on that in Part Two! 

Have you been using Twitter? How has it helped you?