Keep Calm and Blog


Thanks for checking out our blog! We want to briefly describe what this journey is intended to be. Let me start out by saying that we love community and business. It’s why we started doing this! We want to see both come into the greatest understanding of their identity so that they prosper and change the world for the better. We believe that if you know what your business’ true identity and purpose is, then you can truly enhance the community around you.

True Identity?

What does it mean when we say “true identity of your business?” Passion! If passion is what drives your business it will attract customers. As a business owner (or potential one), what was your business founded on? Did passion and purpose for what you were trying to develop drive you or was it mostly a way to make money and survive? Passion for what you are doing is essential, not only for being successful, but being happy throughout your life. Life is too short to waste time on a job that you are not passionate about. We have all probably made that compromise at one point or another, but we shouldn’t get stuck there.

The Gist Of This

These are the kinds of things we want to discuss in our blog. Living life and doing business aren’t easy things.  However they can make more sense when we’re connected to each other in community and if we don’t forget to have fun! Sometimes it’s good to be a little irreverent because it’s easy to take ourselves too seriously. 

We love feedback and conversation, so please feel free to respond to anything we post. It’s how we all continue to learn!