Looking to get a return for your lending clients?

We work with lenders and their clients to achieve actual results.

Why UZU Media is the perfect partner

Why do businesses want to take out a merchant cash advance or other loan? Because they want the money to make more cash. Instead of merely pitching your lending services you can partner with UZU Media and promise your clients both lending and marketing services. Instead of just being another lender you'll be able to offer world class marketing services backed by a full agency team.

What your clients gain

UZU Media guarantees all of its marketing services to produce results in the form of increased revenue for the companies it markets for. We allow businesses to generate increased profit through our marketing tactics and in-turn these companies start making more money than they ever did before. This means they can pay their advance or loan back and are far more likely to borrow from you again.

What’s in it for you

Value! You'll be forefront in the mind of your clients when they partner with UZU Media and start making more money. In exchange for bringing us clients you'll also get to share in the credit for it. The more clients you bring to us the more money you're likely to make off of repeat business alone. That's why we're the perfect place for your clients to make more money.

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