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of all online activity starts with a search engine

Can you afford to Trust an inexperienced SEO company?

Do I need SEO?” That’s a great first question.

Think of how you find different things online – restaurants, clothing, vitamins, toys for your children, a new recipe, a place to fix your roof. The best way to connect with a potential customer is be found when someone searches for you, or your product or service.

Because the city of Denver has been such a center of commerce and innovation, as it continues to grow, so does your competition to be found. Year after year, ranking online for Denver SEO becomes increasingly difficult. The challenge, is how do you choose a search engine optimization company?

Even marketing firms that have been around awhile sometimes don’t stay current with Google algorithm changes. Meanwhile, your business loses ground to other market leaders in your industry.

Each and every week we talk businesses that hired a web company or SEO company with an “SEO expert” but the company still messed up their site and their rankings and doesn’t know how to fix it. Sorry. Our industry sucks sometimes. We’ll handle your SEO and your company’s future like we do our own.

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Denver SEO Expert Services – For 

Your Success

An industry study done by showed that of over 1 BILLION pages that they tested (pages, not websites – estimates are that there are over 60 trillion pages on the internet) – during that study, 90.63% of pages showed NO search traffic whatsoever. WOW! So how do you make sure you’re in the 9.37% of sites that do get some traffic on Google? Or do even better than that? You have to choose the right SEO company.

Our SEO strategies deliver real tangible results. Because we know that’s what matters at the end of the day – ROI for your business.  We put our time and your investment into resources that improve visibility to achieve high-level results. That’s why we’re rated one of the top in Colorado for search engine optimization.

A digital agency with 

a HUGE focus on Denver SEO

UZU Media has over 10 years of experience in this field and we’re at the top of our industry. Our cutting edge SEO strategies help companies grow their businesses.

And it can help you grow yours too.

UZU’s Denver SEO Packages

Looking to become the face of your industry?

Maybe you just want to increase your visibility to Denver area residents or help get the word out about your unique product. No matter what you’re looking for, we have an SEO package designed to meet your needs. From our highest-level package to our most basic offering we guarantee results. Really. Our aim at UZU Media is to be your marketing partner and agency for years to come. Check out our packages below…


Content driven, researched, web-optimized Organic SEO. Perfect for companies competing in markets with a lower level of SEO opposition from other businesses or for owners/ entrepreneurs not yet able to budget for larger SEO activity.

Examples of ideal candidates for this level would be niche, local, or rather unique businesses with services or products that are likely to face less competition for search rank or user engagement.


Content driven, researched, organic SEO backed by comprehensive analytics and link building. This level of SEO service is best suited for the majority of our clients looking to grow their business, build Google rank, and generate consumer visibility.

Works best for businesses situated in small to medium cities or companies in markets where competition is rated to be notable or strong will also find this level of SEO to be appropriately fitting for their needs.

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Enterprise SEO

Our most comprehensive package of SEO services. Not only does it come with content build, research, and complete optimization it also includes a dedicated UZU Media SEO account manager.

These packages are for those clients with either intense competition or with a large number of competitors. This package is also extremely applicable to those businesses looking to expand regionally or nationally.

Competitive Denver SEO Marketing Strategies

SEO continues to be a huge part of helping your site get found and get better traffic

Bottom line – Our Denver SEO works.

Bottom line, UZU’s Denver SEO works. More traffic to your website = more sales. It’s a pretty simple formula with an extraordinary ability to change your business dramatically. SEO continues to be a huge part of helping your site get found and get traffic, which is why we continue to talk to Denver businesses about it. Even if you have your own in-house marketing, we have great tools to analyze how you’re doing and can consult you on the best way to move forward with your SEO strategy. We can do one-time consultations, seminars, or work in a retainer relationship with you.

Our expert Denver SEO consulting services give you and your team the knowledge to better execute the SEO process yourself. You ultimately control how well you rank. You’ll have everything that you need to know how to take top spots in Google.

Find Out Your

Website’s Denver SEO Score

Do you know how your website stacks up? Get a free, no obligation SEO audit for your website.

Impacting search results with our SEO Consulting


Google has 85% of the search market

Our search engine marketing consulting services are specifically designed for companies with an internal marketing and webmaster staff who feel they need some external expertise and guidance. UZU Media works with your company in a co-operative fashion to provide your company with all the expert SEO marketing knowledge it will need to create and maintain a website that especially shows up well on Google. (Recent research shows that Google has 85% of the search market – because of this, it may be the only search engine you need to focus on for now! – see that article here).

Consulting agreements start at a minimum of 10 hours per month and these are sessions for ongoing questions your team has. During these times you are entitled to pick the brains of our professionally trained expert Denver SEO consultants. Beginning our process with a website SEO assessment, we then review your site with you, offering any recommendations, and needed improvements. We will help you evaluate your site in the following areas:

  • keyword analysis
  • content copywriting
  • link earning campaigns
  • competitor analysis
  • directory submission
  • meta tagging
  • alt tagging
  • and much more.

We also give advice on other SEO services that are out there, since some tactics are disapproved by Google [ or black hat SEO ] because these can cause Google penalties. We’ve seen quite a few websites come to us with either penalties or even being de-indexed from these kind of tactics.

What Can I Expect from SEO?

Increase Exposure

Give your business the exposure it deserves by your crushing rankings in Google. All digital roads lead to your website.

Increase Revenue

Watch your company grow! More traffic = More Sales. Period.

Grow Your Customer Base

Once traffic and sales are up, the sky is the limit! Let’s do this.

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