Frequently Asked Questions

What Is SEO and Why Do I Need It?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a service that UZU Media provides to help get your website ranked higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. There are a number of things that SEO covers, from creating keywords that describe your website to search engines, to cleaning up the code on your website so that it is easier for web browsers to find the information it is looking for. If you have any competition in your field, and chances are you do, your website needs to be found before theirs. If your competition is coming up in Google before you, you could be losing business. We would like the chance to get your website to the top of the page in search engines so that your business will profit.

Why Do I Need Someone Else to Do My Social Media?

We know that you want to provide your clients and customers with the best possible service and that you want to reach new ones. With the new wave of marketing that utilizes social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, it is important to stay on top of engaging with your clientele through social media, where more and more people are getting their information and finding new businesses. Here at UZU Media we provide full range Social Media Management (SMM). We know you might not have the time or know how to thoroughly manage your social media sites, so we take the time to research content and engage with your clients. By providing quick, knowledgable support and engagement online, we believe your customers will have a longer, more sustained relationship with your business.

How Long Will It Take to See Results?

Each project will have various factors affecting how quickly you will see results. But we like to stress that building a reputation online is a longterm process, one that will payoff as more and more business is being conducted on the web. The SEO process can take up to 3 months for you to start seeing results on Google. This is one of the reasons that it is crucial to continue with an SEO plan, so that once you reach top position you are able to retain it. Beware any company that promises top Google spots in a week! They are doing SEO in a way that you don't want to do it. Trust us. Check out our blog on the subject HERE.

Social Media Marketing can provide quicker results as we build your networks through various strategies. SMM is a process of building an online brand that has a strong presence online. While you might not see a direct correlation between your SMM investment and sales, we know that having a strong brand and responding quickly to client needs online is a huge part of retaining customers. We have various tools that we use to track the efficacy of different social media campaigns and we love to discuss different SMM strategies with our clients. Let us help you find the right SMM tactics for you and your business!

What other questions do you have about SEO and SMM? Ask us here!