SEO Superstar?

Then we might be looking for you!

Do you love the art-meets-science aspect of SEO?

Are you an ambitious, hard working, highly motivated, self-starting type of a gal/guy who doesn’t shy away from direct conversations?

UZU Media is hiring, and this job may be for you!  Based in Colorado Springs, UZU Media is looking for someone to manage our burgeoning segment of SEO clients. We are an office full of diverse, quirky, fun-loving people, and we’re growing rapidly. As an SEO Superstar, you don’t need to be micromanaged, and you are knowledgeable and confident in the world of SEO, Google analytics, pay per click, link building/earning, etc. You’re not afraid of the phone or of managing clients’ expectations. You’re willing and able to stay on top of industry trends, keeping pace with the latest developments of your own volition.

General Expectations:

  • Commit to UZU Media’s mission to be one of the top advertising and marketing agencies in Colorado Springs.

  • Commit to the best customer service – going above and beyond.

  • Use your SEO expertise to keep our clients happy.

What are we looking for? Here’s a list to start out–

First, we ARE looking for someone with decent previous experience, so please have something to show for it. And we’ll also want to chat with you about some of your successes along the way.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Ability to juggle multiple accounts at once.
  • Sense of timeliness and responsibility around frequent client check-ins and reports.
  • Awesome communication skills that you can utilize to make sure clients understand the ins and outs of SEO.
  • Willingness to tinker until you find the right solution.


  • Associates/Bachelors Degree in a business-oriented discipline a plus.
  • 1-2 years of experience in SEO.
  • Work experience in some front-end development.
  • Competent writer.
  • Familiarity with the breadth of the digital marketing experience.

This list isn’t intended to be exhaustive. It is to describe the general content and requirements of this key position. If you think that you’re SEO/marketing savvy and self-motivated, you may just be a good fit with our team. If you think that you’ve got the right stuff for the position, get in touch.

We are looking to make a quick decision, so if you’re interested, get to typing. We’ll look through apps over the holidays. Based on last few rounds of apps, we may not get to see all applicants, but we will let you know when we make our decision. Send over your resume, portfolio, work history to [email protected]. Calls or stop-bys aren’t accepted please. . . only ’cause we’re busy, remember?

Just to clarify

Be creative with the headline, and give a few unique sentences about yourself – we like a good laugh (with you, not at you.)

This is a full-time position that requires onsite work with our team. ONLY looking for current Colorado residents. (At all. Really. No, you’re probably not the exception unfortunately… had to be explained. We usually have to trash 20+ apps at a time when hiring because of this and your time is valuable. We’re sure you’re really great, but we can’t do this process long-distance. Sorry!) But if you think you match up with us, and are interested, do the equivalent of swiping right. 

Look around UZU’s website if you need more info. Thanks!